„Most people
spend more time and energy
going around problems
than in trying to solve them.“

- Henry Ford -

Corporate strategy, system and process management: our branches

We are active worldwide as corporate strategists, consultants and process managers in many branches. Many sectors, in which we are active as management consultants, are characterised by a high degree of globalisation and product complexity. Added to this is the fact that a high complexity in relation to the supplier structure and products has emerged over the years – a genuine challenge for companies. There are diverse management systems available to bring structure and thus also efficiency into companies, which we individually customise to your company. These and other tasks are undertaken by the management consultant, who not only has to possess know-how and experience but also – and primarily – knowledge of the branch concerned.


Our consultants come from leading positions in international companies in the fields of

  • Automotive industry/automotive supply industry
  • Nutrition technology
  • Beverage technology
  • Service, gastronomy and hospitalty  
  • chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pharmaceutics and cosmetics
  • Medical industry
  • Plastics technology
  • Aerospace industry
  • Regenerative energies
  • Research and development
  • Service sector for research and development
  • Systems and machine engineering
  • Safety area
  • Water management
  • Textile industry
  • Communication technology 
  • Software development 
  • Measurement technology
  • Electronics


Our management consultants are familiar with your industry

…and possess reliable knowledge on the themes that are important in your branch in the future. This enables you to develop solutions, which are sustainable in the long-term. They possess a high level of experience in strategy development and strategy implementation both in small and large companies.

Thanks to their long-standing experience in international companies, our consultants have a great deal of know-how in organisational work. They not only possess the ability to introduce new processes, but can also motivate people for change.


Management consultancy in many industries: our services 

Our consultancy services encompass projects in the area of corporate strategy, introduction of systems and tools for controlling your company, in process management as well as the methodologies and aids involved in the management of crisis situations.

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